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Klikly is a well-known pest control service provider in Delhi. We offer the best commercial pest control service at an affordable price. Our effective commercial pest control service includes- termite control, cockroach control, ant control, wasp control, rodents’ control, ants’ control, bedbug pests service, fleas pest control, termites pest control, moths pest control flies pest control, and more.

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We assure you that Your  Residential & commercial space has to remain free from pests if you would like it to stay free from disturbances and also from health issues. We all know that pests are the number one reason why employees fall sick more often. We at Klikly use modern techniques and industry-approved chemicals to provide a long-lasting solution for pest control. 


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  • Klikly is a professional commercial pest control service provider
  • We provide a warranty for our commercial pest control service 
  • No matter what type of pest problem your commercial space is facing, we will be there for you
  • Our prices are always affordable, and we don’t have any hidden cost policy either
  • We are available for you 24 x 7
Things You Must Know About Services for Pest Control in Delhi
Have you been watching those cockroaches ruin the hygiene of your kitchen? Are your kids getting irritated because of the bed bugs? Or have you recently purchased furniture and found that termites are eating it away? Then you must know that pest infestation has many faces. It can be in various shapes and sizes in your home. When proper treatment of pest control is not considered, the health of your family members will be in jeopardy. In the long run, professionals at Klikly can help you get out of this trouble. But for that, you need to know what exactly is going on in your house first.

What Does Pest & Pest Control Mean Exactly?

To curb the increase of pests in your homes, certain control services deployed. These services often opted to control, or eliminate the entry of pests. However, you must also know the proper definition of a pest. So, you cannot call an ant or insect you see on the road as a pest. 

But, when any insect, wildlife creature, or a rodent resides in your home or offices, increasing the chances of an illness or a disease, then those creatures are termed as pests.

Hence, any monitoring, administrative, or inspection service related to diagnosing the entry and exit of these pests in your home or offices is called Pest control services.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Pest Control That You Must Search About?

Termite Control:
There are various chemical and non-chemical treatments for termite control inside your home or office buildings. Apart from that, there are multiple barriers and products which are used depending upon the type of termite that is present in the affected premises. 

Majorly, all wooden furniture is carefully inspected and if need be, injected with the chemical formulas. The main concern under these pest control services in Noida and nearby is to cover all the holes. In fact, the termite control treatments can last up to several years, if they are taken up by professionals like Klikly service provider.

Bed Bug Control:

Bed bugs are the small insects which grow and invade in buildings by feeding on human blood. These bed bugs are not necessarily found in any problematic corner of the bed. So, they can be found anywhere like closets, cupboards, beds, sofas, curtains, and any other corner of the affected area, which is not cleaned or sanitized regularly.

So, the services for pest control for bed bugs can be rolled out to identify their exact location and then eliminate them from the affected area. These solutions will include inspection, monthly or yearly treatments, as well as non-toxic chemicals or other sprays to be injected in different corners to sanitize the environment inside a building or house.

Mosquito Control:

Mosquitos usually roam around the dirt. It could be in your locality or inside the home. For that, proper inspection and cleaning services are required. With professionals helps like from Klikly, you will get to know first-hand why does your house have so many mosquitos. And then you can choose a plan that can be carried out periodically.

Rodents/Rats Control:

Rats or rodents can spoil the hygiene inside a home or office. They can tear up essential documents and contaminate food products as well. And if someone eats that food, it could lead to serious illness like rabies. 

With the pest control services in Delhi & NCR, every home can be cleaner. These services involve timely inspection of every corner by professionals. Then guaranteed protection covers or solutions are provided on the spot. After that, if need be, victims of these pests can opt for regular treatment until the rodents or rats have completely vanished.

General Pest Control:

There are multiple types of pests in your home/office which you might not know of. With general pest control services in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, and main city of Delhi, you will have an option to get your properties adequately inspected.

Moreover, it is suggested that such controlling services should be carried out at least twice in a year. It keeps the environment clean, and the chances of a family falling ill are also comparatively lesser than before.

Cockroaches/Ants Control:

Cockroaches or ants are mostly attracted to water, sweet dishes, or any other thing they can munch on. The cockroaches might be harmful to humans living inside a property and ants can cause severe rashes on your skin, especially the red ones.

But, with the service of pest control, Delhi and NCR are exemplary locations, aiming to set a cleaner environment. This can be done when you call for a detailed inspection of the infected area before a chemical or non-chemical treatment can be suggested. 

Why Do You Need A Professional Pest Control Done In Your House Regularly?

There are multiple DIY ways that you might find online over the controlling insects that are invading your property. But these solutions are not always helpful or apt for your current situation.

There are some benefits only a professional service provider can offer for the timely cleansing need of the ambience where you live, eat, or work.

Detailed diagnosis:

When it comes to termites, ants, rodents, or cockroaches, as a general public, you might not know if these pests are already hazardous or not. Therefore, professional help will tell you the exact cause of the entry and an increasing number of pests in your home/office.

Less chance of pests occurring again:

With the professional service for pest control in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad, the chances of those irritating mosquitos, bed bugs, or rodents will be lesser.

Regular treatments:

These pests search for another home at a faster speed when there is a lot of smoke or rain outside. So, your home or buildings become the perfect host for them whenever there is a weather change. Therefore, regular treatments to curb the entry of pests might be needed in your locality. 

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