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Washing heavy fabrics like bed sheets and curtains is a tedious task. Even machine wash also requires you to sort clothes and home linen. Don’t take any hassle. Hire laundry experts for a perfect wash and save your time and effort.  

  • Verified professionals 
  • Free pickup and drop* 
  • Modern techniques to clean hard spots or stains 
  • After service support 

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Easy, quick and convenient!

Klikly made it so easy for me to get a whole heap of clothes washed and delivered back to my home safely

Manish garg
Excellent laundry services guys

Thanks for providing me such a Excellent laundry services and Customer support guys

ashish Kumar
Really good service and value

Happy to got my Laundy work done by klikly .Their professionals did the great job

Mohit Sharma
I would highly recommend Klikly

Great Job guys ,The way you take care of my all clothes is really appreciable

Anamika Das
Solved my laundry emergency!

I had to attend a party in the evening and my clothes needs some dry cleaning work on an urgent basis , klikly help me in this task their laundry professional provide 24/7 customer services within the cheapest price.

Rohan Sain
Excellent Service - Value for Money

I have been using klikly Laundry Laundy Services for more than a year and their service has been good . Blankets, Bedsheets etc are counted as one garment only and works out cheaper than washing and ironing at home

Ajay Pal
Way cheaper than any other laundery service providers

Way cheaper than any other laundry Services provider , fast and reliable service. Highly recommending to anyone

Aman Singh
Solved my laundry emergency!

I had to attend a party in the evening and my clothes needs some dry cleaning work on an urgent basis , klikly help me in this task their laundry professional provide 24/7 customer services within the cheapest price.

Rohan Sain
Excellent laundry services guys

They provide Me cost effective and realaible dry cleaning services.Thanks guys for providing such a wonderful Services

vinay Singh
Best laundry & dry cleaning service in Delhi

Best laundry & dry cleaning service in delhi Quite happy with their timely pickup & delivery.

Jaspal Mehta
Really good service and value

Really good service and value. Clothes neatly folded so I don't have to iron! Prompt, efficient and cheap.

Amrita singh
Easy, quick and convenient!

Good Services provided..

Amit Kumar

How it works?

  • Book service

    We will call you to schedule laundry pick-up at the earliest.

  • Free Doorstep Pickup

    We offer free laundry pickup for orders above Rs 250 or minimum 5 KG of clothes.

  • Expert Wash & Clean

    We are expert for your laundry. A one stop shop for all your needs.

  • Free Doorstep Laundry Drop

    Your clothes will be delivered back to your doorstep on time every time.

Bed Sheet & Curtains Laundry Services in Delhi/NCR

You will fall in love with your laundry once we clean them


Heavy bedsheets and curtains are the most problematic. They are difficult to wash, and they often consume a lot of time as well to clean them properly. Understanding that there is a need for a bedsheet and curtains laundry service here in Delhi and NCR that will clean all the essential materials without giving you any fuss.


We know that time is gold for everyone, and you already have a lot of household chores to do. So, to even think about cleaning the big bedsheets and curtains is a lot to take in. This is why we are here with our quality bedsheet and curtain laundry service in Delhi and NCR. 


We offer our laundry service not just for residential purposes, but our service is available for business as well. So, if you are running a café or a hotel, and you are in need of a laundry service urgently, then forget about the rest and book an appointment with us for our 24 x 7 service. 


We are operational in Delhi and NCR, and we provide pick up and drop option available as well. 


  • Verified professional cleaners only 
  • Free pick-up and drop 
  • Modern techniques used while cleaning the hard stains and spots
  • Bespoke after support service available 


Why hire Klikly for bedsheet and curtain laundry service 


1. We are convenient 


You might think that having to pay for laundry is just an unnecessary expense, but keeping the bedsheets and curtains dirty for a long time don’t make sense either. Don’t take the pressure when Klikly is here. We can conveniently clean all your bedsheets and curtains easily. 

With our efficient service, you will no longer have to feel overwhelmed. With our laundry service, you will always be at ease. 


2. You save a lot of time 


Time is gold for you. So, imagine how much time you will be wasting by cleaning bedsheets and curtains on your own. Why waste valuable time, when you can simply hire for this job. We will take care of your laundries, and we shall clean all the dirty bed sheets and curtains for you. 

We set you free so that you get to do something productive. We help you focus on other work while we take responsibility for your laundries. 


3. We use industry-approved cleaning ingredients

 We care for the environment, just as much as you. The cleaning ingredients that we use are always eco-friendly. Plus, you will no longer have to spend money on cleaning agents as well. 


We make sure that your bedsheets and curtains are cleaned properly.


4.24 X 7 Service 


We understand that you might need our support during emergencies as well. This is the reason why our service is operational 24 x7. No matter where in Delhi you and when you need us, Klikly is here at your service all the time. 


Have you got dirty bedsheets and curtains? Book an appointment with us right away! 

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